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Meet TaBetha

For more than a decade, TaBetha has been using her creative and imaginative talents in and around Kalamazoo to magnify her clients’ natural beauty—for every day, as well as for special occasions. TaBetha’s stylish tendencies were apparent from a young age—she started by cutting Barbie’s hair and giving her a makeover with colored markers. Today she uses the latest techniques, combined with her rare and unique vision, to prepare her clients for their most special days.

A naturally energetic and outgoing person, TaBetha (pronounced taBETHa) is fueled by her passion for creativity (not caffeine). She is known among her friends and clients to be a super upbeat, spontaneous and friendly person—making her easy to talk to about your dream style. 

While TaBetha handles everyday haircuts and color, her specialties include styling both hair and makeup for weddings, senior pictures, personal, and professional photo shoots. She’s always looking for a challenge and loves working with new clients—she thrives on variety and change.

TaBetha Morrison headshot

TaBetha is a dedicated mom to two teenagers, her household also includes her three dogs–a German Shepard, Pit Bull and a Weimaraner. TaBetha married her soulmate, Josiah, in 2020. In her free time, TaBetha enjoys the Michigan outdoors, and loves to kayak, camp and hit the beach. She’s inspired by art as well, and can be found in art museums wherever she travels.