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Working with TaBetha was amazing!! She completely transformed me. I never take selfies or like being in photos and after her make-over I felt amazing for my photo shoot. As I am also a photographer I used her again to makeover one of my models. And the results were SPECTACULAR!!! We had the most amazing creative photo shoot as a result of her creative skills with make-up and body paint!
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 AMAZING HAIR STYLIST, FABULOUS MAKE-UP ARTIST, AND AN OUTSTANDING PERSONALITY!!! 🙂 She made me feel comfortable, confident, & young...all of which are things I haven't felt in a very long time...she truly has a gift and definitely possesses the qualities and characteristics of not only a person I would be honored to work with, but someone I would most definitely consider a good friend...she radiates such positive vibes! 🙂
Working with TaBetha was great! She was professional and fun; she knows how to get things done all while making our time with her enjoyable. The way she styled the hair and makeup for Ashley Polanco Issa was great and as a photographer, that reduced the time of retouching and allowed me to return the images quickly. Now that's a photographer's dream. I am so excited to work with TaBetha again - I love people who can deliver professional results and create an enjoyable atmosphere around them.
Aaron Geller
I cannot tell you how fortunate I have been to come across TaBetha Morrison. Over the past year and a half, TaBetha has done a multitude of looks for me for most of my modeling assignments. She's my go-to-girl when I need to look my best! My hair has always held up (and THAT isn't easy to do!) and my makeup has stayed through shoots involving anything from fire to rain. I've done everything from punk to pinup, and TaBetha has been behind most of those looks. If you need a versatile MUAH, check out TaBetha. You will not be disappointed!
I hired TaBetha for my wedding this past weekend. She did an amazing job on not only my hair and makeup, but also my sister, grandma, and mother in law. Highly recommend!
TaBetha is so incredible to work with! She not only does a magnificent job with hair and makeup, but she has such a great personality that is so much fun to be around. There is never a dull moment with her! ♥
Goes above and beyond to step up to making and creating great memories for anyone she comes in contact with. Her generosity and giving spirit makes me feel privileged to have met her. Thanks again for all you have done for Childhood Cancer Research. YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!
Event Coordinator